Artist Statement

Doing the wrong thing

I set out on the selfish path to become an artist after recovering from grieving the death of my mother.

Today I can confirm that I’m still the same confused and unfocused person I was when I first started the journey. There have been successes, revelations and disappointments. There have been sleepless nights, too many ideas, no ideas and unrealistic expectations.

I’ve exhibited, curated, taught and performed. I’ve been an artist in residence, run galleries and artist studios. I've had work exhibited in a large institution (luck more than fate). I’ve learnt that being an artist is hard and may never be a label I can claim.

What if I’m doing the wrong thing, what if I’m a fictional character?

Michael Speechley, July 2017

Addendum: I always refer to myself as a young or at least an emerging artist but a friend rightly pointed out that I've been making art almost all my life. This has been in the form of visuals for clubs and bands which in the past I've considered throwaway material. Now I recognise this as an art form not just a job. Its art, art to dance to.

The Fictional character (see no, see no, speak no)

Studio view (time with VDMX and Eurorack)


2018 – Ongoing
Live events incorporating Music, Art & Science

2017 – 2018
Kindred Studios
Artist Studio, Studio Manager (CIC)

What if?
Crisis 50 Year Anniversary
Crisis Skylight Brent, London
Image making workshops, fanzine production, gallery exhibition (UK charity)

Memory and Movement
Age UK, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Documentation and filmmaking (UK charity)

Waking the Dead: Stories Uncovered
Octavia Foundation
Sculpture, workshops, exhibition
Tate Britain, Dissenters' Gallery (UK charity)

2016 – 2017
Bay 56, Westway Trust
Regeneration of a community arts space
Festival Production, Space Preparation (UK charity)

2016 – 2017
Dissenters' Gallery, Kensal Green Cemetery, West London
Gallery Director, Artist in Residence
Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery (UK charity)

2016 – Ongoing
Portobello Film Festival, West London
Technical Support

2014 – Ongoing
BAR (Brent Artists Resource)
Artist (member), Curator, Director
(UK charity)

2013 – 2014
Albert Project, West London
Artist in Residence

2013 – Ongoing
Art (Doing the wrong thing)

1983 – Ongoing
Visuals (UK, Europe)

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