Live Video and Performance for Music, Corporate and Private Events – It's art, art to dance to...

I started making visuals for clubs and live events in the early 1980s, I still make visuals. The intention is just the same: enhance the music, create an atmosphere, stimulate the audience, enjoy yourself and get paid for the craft :-)


Thats the one question I struggle with the most. I guess if I have a style its the VJs who would spot it particularly on a live set. I tend to use a lot of geometry and not so many FX, maybe some glitch and analogue TV/Film FX but thats about it. Regarding content I don't have a fixed pallet or subject matter, this gives me the freedom to explore which is hugely important. One thing I would say to the content creators is to go outside your normal comfort zone and make things you wouldn't normally, its good practice and you will learn. Also stick with one main app and learn it well to a level which works for you, I've been on VDMX for over ten years now and feel very at home with the software which is key to being relaxed when on pressurised jobs.


The sketch library below will give you an insight into how I work with visuals and sound, its not a definitive list and will change as I create new work and uncover archive material. Note: this site has only just been created so the video library will take some time to create/expand.