A Video Sketchbook

Push yourself to explore new ideas, new forms and what you feel is wrong or not your style (experiment). My daily video sketches are a way to expand my palette, to break cycles and to influence new directions – make the time to play...

The video sketches below are created in VDMX using multiple layers (composition modes: OpenGL, CoreImage, GLSL). Audio source: live stream, online radio, library, found, field recordings, modular synth. Video post-processing is done in Final Cut Pro (cropping, colour work, adding audio, etc.), audio post-processing in Audacity and mastering iZotope Ozone.

From top to bottom, left to right: (1.) working with histograms (2.) colour palette trials (3.) elongated halftone (4.) a found object (5.) client brief (6.) exploring Google Earth. Clips: March/April 2022