19, Dec, 2023

Time, nature, rhythm

221115 Useless Parts (video sketch)

16, Nov, 2022

Rain, free moisturiser as my Glaswegian wife would say...

Vuo Make Image with Shadertoy

15, Nov, 2022

I had a Twitter request to help translate a Shadertoy fragment shader to ISF (interactive shader format) as the OP was having issues. I had the same (mainly …

A Video Sketchbook

06, Apr, 2022

Push yourself to explore new ideas, new forms and what you feel is wrong or not your style (experiment). My daily video sketches are a way to expand my palette, to break cycles and to influence new …

24x36: A Movie About Movie Posters (2016)

05, Apr, 2022

I caught this on Sky Arts and it's an amazing reference for illustrated movie poster art and well worth catching, watch the official trailer below. 24x36: A …

Handmade Cinema (book/website)

04, Apr, 2022

The “Handmade Cinema” website and book allows users to explore the world of artisanal moving image production by providing information on the practices and …

VJ Colour Palette 001 (RGBA normalised)

04, Apr, 2022

When creating a colour pallet for VJ software, node based framework and live code the colour values are often normalised to a range between 0-1. The following …

Emptyset (artist reference)

01, Apr, 2022

Emptyset is a multidisciplinary production project founded by James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas exploring the sonic possibilities of electroacoustic and computer …

Merrill Aldighieri (artist reference)

01, Apr, 2022

The term "video jockey" comes from the term "disc jockey", "DJ" ("deejay") as used in radio. Music Television (MTV) popularized the term in the 1980s. The MTV …

Drone I (2022)

30, Mar, 2022

Nothing unseen, nothing unmapped, nothing out of reach, everything an object of attention. IRL, online, offline, in code and data.