Analogue visuals (35mm slide archive)

05, Mar, 2022

When I made the transition from analogue 35mm slide and 16mm film to video I binned thousands of slides and sold off my film collection. On reflection that was …

Audio Routing on macOS

04, Mar, 2022

This post is mainly aimed at visual artists (VJs) who need to route audio signals from a source application into their visual app, node based framework or …

How to avoid audio copyright strikes in video

04, Mar, 2022

A quick tutorial on how to use waveform shaping to help avoid copyright strikes for legitimate audio tracks. But before we start I'm going to recommend using …

Popular Science Magazine (USA) May 1969

26, Feb, 2022

Tune-in with Psychedelic Light-Show Systems You can Build - A short introductory article detailing how to build DIY light show devices for the home, …

Unique Lighting Handbook No. 9100 (1969, 1977)

26, Feb, 2022

The Wonderful Art Of Light Projection - It took me a couple of years to track these documents down and I still haven't been able to find original copies. Eight …

Egg shooter

14, Feb, 2022

"We’re terrified at what we’re seeing": food banks tell of soaring demand - A Food Standards Agency survey published last month found that between April and …

360° wrap-around

11, Feb, 2022

Smiley wall art wrap-around visuals – Live output from a two channel A-B 360° wrap-around visuals install.

Clown Torture / Hell Station

11, Feb, 2022

Character development – Sometimes I get a brief like this... "It's Halloween, I want an immersive enviroment which looks like a deserted space station with a …


11, Feb, 2022

Seth lives in an alpha channel - Seth is a carrier refrencing things that have affected and influenced the way I see the world creatively. From early live …

Sharing Like We Mean It

11, Feb, 2022

Working Co-operatively in the Cultural and Tech Sectors - A report on co-operatives in the creative industries. It’s a who, what, where, why and how of the …