Vintage Subculture (Can-Can, Paris, USA)

08, Feb, 2022
Vintage Subculture (Can-Can, Paris, USA)

1920s / 1950s Parisian popular culture – After searching through dozens of films I finally found a great refrences for 1920s Parisian subculture and a 1950s Can-Can dance from the USA.

This is Paris (1927)

A couple of titles and years come up for this film. "This is Paris (1927)" and "So This Is Paris (1926)". Directed by Ernst Lubitsch and originally in black and white this footage has recently been colorised using AI technology.

The Can-Can, The Tony Charmoli Dancers (1959)

Tony Charmoli was an American dancer, choreographer, and director. He began dancing on Broadway in such shows as Make Mine Manhattan but soon began choreographing for television with Stop the Music in 1949. Charmoli then choreographed dance sequences for the popular Your Hit Parade, winning his first Emmy Award in 1956. He went on to direct and choreograph for some of the biggest stars including Dinah Shore, Lily Tomlin, Danny Kaye, Julie Andrews, Cyd Charisse, Shirley MacLaine, Mitzi Gaynor, Lucille Ball, and others. On Broadway, Tony choreographed Ankles Aweigh (1955) and Woman of the Year(1981) with Lauren Bacall. Over his career, he was nominated for fifteen Emmy awards and won three.