NFT sans électrique

A non-interchangeable unit of data

With the global pandemic and enforced lockdown many industries went into panic mode unable to make sales. Pedestals gathered dust and gallerists wore out the floor paint in their white walled boxes pacing with worry. The galleries and auction houses were not immune and quickly looked for ways to replace their dwindling income. This is why NFT art, blockchain and the unpredictably wild world of cryptocurrency jumped into public view.

With the work 'NFT sans électrique' the possibility of it being had been removed. Much like Rauschenberg’s Erased de Kooning drawing I have removed the very essence of an NFT, the electricity. What's left is a label casting an infinitely variable shadow.

From the death of the NFT comes a tangable living piece.

Edition: 100 @ £0.00 GBP + Shipping

NFT sans électrique (2021-2022), Michael Speechley
Photo: NFT sans électrique (2021-2022)