Popular Science Magazine (USA) May 1969

26, Feb, 2022

Tune-in with Psychedelic Light-Show Systems You can Build - A short introductory article detailing how to build DIY light show devices for the home, …

Unique Lighting Handbook No. 9100 (1969, 1977)

26, Feb, 2022

The Wonderful Art Of Light Projection - It took me a couple of years to track these documents down and I still haven't been able to find original copies. Eight …

Egg shooter

14, Feb, 2022

"We’re terrified at what we’re seeing": food banks tell of soaring demand - A Food Standards Agency survey published last month found that between April and …


11, Feb, 2022

Seth lives in an alpha channel - Seth is a carrier refrencing things that have affected and influenced the way I see the world creatively. From early live …

Clown Torture / Hell Station

11, Feb, 2022

Character development – Sometimes I get a brief like this... "It's Halloween, I want an immersive enviroment which looks like a deserted space station with a …

360° wrap-around

11, Feb, 2022

Smiley wall art wrap-around visuals – Live output from a two channel A-B 360° wrap-around visuals install.

Merrill Aldighieri (artist reference)

01, Apr, 2022

The term "video jockey" comes from the term "disc jockey", "DJ" ("deejay") as used in radio. Music Television (MTV) popularized the term in the 1980s. The MTV …

221115 Useless Parts (video sketch)

16, Nov, 2022

Rain, free moisturiser as my Glaswegian wife would say...